Export is one of the fastest growing direction in the company. We will help you with the search for products in the territory of Turkmenistan with the further purchase from the Exchange of Turkmenistan. 

We pre-calculate the cost of the Сontract for the export of turkmen goods, based on data provided by the Customer. We choose the best terms of delivery for export of turkmen goods, according to Customer wishes and his requirements. We coordinate delivery terms with the Customer and sign the sales Contract. We sign the Foreign Trade Contract for the export of turkmen goods with a foreign Customer. We receive from a foreign customer funds for the goods and transfer the amount of the value of the goods to the supplier’s account. We draw up non-tariff settlement documents that are required upon export goods from the territory of Turkmenistan. We arrange export customs clearance of the goods. We arrange transportation of goods and their insurance in transit.

We have access to the international market of the UAE, Turkey, India and Russia.